6 simple steps = a brilliant website

From understanding what our clients would like to achieve with their website, to determining how it will look and function, we are good at capturing this information as well as streamlining the design and development process.  This allows us to deliver custom, functional websites, with timely turn arounds, in 6 simple steps.



This stage is about information gathering.  This first step is extremely important as it involves us learning about your business, clients, goals and lays the foundation for your website project.  Once we have enough information we can make recommendations for your website design, functionality and how you can use it to help achieve your business goals.



Using the information gathered from the Discover phase, we put together a plan for your website.  This includes determining the structure of your website, design and navigation.  We also decide what pages and content will need to be developed as well as images that are required.



Depending on your website package, we will create a design from ground up or use a pre-built template and make revisions.  For custom designs, we present design mock ups and refine the design based on your feedback. You have the final say in your design and we will ensure that it reflects your vision.



When the design has been approved we begin developing your website.  This phase also includes creating the navigation, adding content, creating contact forms and other functionality. Quality assurance is completed at the end of development to ensure your website functionality is working as required as well as making sure your website looks consistent on all current browsers and mobile devices.



Once you have approved your website, we put your website live.  This means that your website is now viewable to all website visitors. At this time we will also do a search engine submission to major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


Support & Maintain

We will train you on how to maintain your website by using your Content Management System.  We are also available to answer all of your questions and be your support. Training on the system typically takes 1 hour. We are also available if additional services are required such as SEO, new design or new functionality.

Once the development of your website is complete, it can be used as a marketing tool to grow your business and strengthen customer relationships. By creating a  search engine optimization and a social media marketing strategy this will help your website and brand be seen and found online. Through the use of search engine optimization, social media marketing, online ads and articles (blog posts) on your website you will be giving value to clients and potential clients, engaging with customers and putting your website and brand in front of them.  We can determine what type of plan will help you achieve your goals to ensure that your website is helping you attract the attention of potential clients and converting them into customers.

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