Annual Food Bank Fundraiser by Burnaby Dentist

Burnaby Dentists, North Burnaby Dental Group Annual Food Bank Fundraiser is in full swing!

Food Bank DonationsAs much as possible, Dentists from North Burnaby Dental Group, strive to support and participate in as many community events as possible, extending a helping hand to the Burnaby community it serves. This year is no exception. This holiday season, they are extending the invitation for everyone to join them in giving back to the community, helping those that are less fortunate and contributing as much as possible to the common good. All of their followers, patients and friends are invited to help in this endeavour by dropping off any non-perishable food donations, hats, scarves or mittens to their Burnaby dentist office at 4587 Hastings Street. The dentists at North Burnaby Dental Group will be happy to match each and every donation, and will ensure that they are all passed along to those in need who will benefit the most from these efforts.

We would like to thank that everyone who has donated items and we would like to acknowledge one young donator in particular. 10 year old Brooklyn donated $100 worth of non-perishable food!  Our Doctors will match her donation making that $200 of non-perishable food for the Vancouver Food Bank!

The deadline for drop-offs is December 18th.  North Burnaby Dental Group thanks you all in advance for your kind generosity!

Vancouver Web Design Company Launches Window Washing Company Website

Courtesy Window CleanersWe recently launched a brand new website for our client Courtesy Window Cleaners.

They are Vancouver based company specializing in high rise window cleaning for businesses and stratas.  Courtesy Window Cleaners required a clean design as well as easy navigate.  They also wanted a website that would showcase their work and services to potential clients and make it easy for those potential clients to contact them for an estimate.

Their site includes:
Sliding images on homepage
Image Gallery
Estimate Form

Optimize Your Blog

7 Things You Need To Do To Optimize Your Blog For The Search Engines

Author: Turn Blogs To Cash

Optimizing your blog for the search engines is crucial and very important! There are so many different blogs out there on the net that you’ll quickly sink to the bottom if you don’t optimize. Follow these seven tips below and you’ll be well on your way to high rankings.

#1 – Create the Right Permalink Structure

The permalinks WordPress uses by default are not search engine friendly. You can make this simple change by inserting %postname% instead of the default that is already there. This will successfully create URL’s that include your post name which should include your targeted keywords.

#2 – Install All in One SEO Plugin

This is a must-have plugin which allows you to specify a title, description, and the keywords for the search engines. It can really help you boost up and reach the top of the listings, whereas the standard WP installation can fall short.

#3 – Install Related Posts Plugin

Search engines love it when they get content pages that are interlinked. It also works very well for the search engines. It will automatically include links to other posts that are similar. Very convenient!

#4 – Research your Keywords

When people search, they search by keyword. It is vital that you know what these keywords are if you want to rank at the top of the search engines. Your posts should be centered around these keywords.

#5 – Include Your Keywords in the Title

In the title of your blog you need to include your main keyword. Also, include your main keyword and select others in the titles of your posts and sprinkle throughout your pages.

#6 – Make Your Blog Easy to Navigate

Easy navigation is essential for your guests and the search engines as it makes it easier for the guests. That means including your blog’s categories, recent posts (to make sure they get indexed) and pages. Easy navigation is also part of choosing a good design.

#7 – Expand the Ping List

When you make a new blog post WordPress will “ping” the blog search engines. This alerts them that content on your site has changed and ready for guests to view. This can help you get indexed fast so you can start making money even faster. Do a Google search to find an expanded ping list you can include in your wp-admin so you make sure you get as many of these sites to update you as possible.

Using these seven plugins will make your job of ranking highly in the search engines easier than ever. If you’re new to blogging with WordPress then these terms may seem incredibly strange to you right now. As you study them and go over them a couple times, put them into action and it will start to feel like second nature!

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Colour schemes and your website

Determining your colour scheme is an important decision for your website design.

colorsThe colours of your website convey to the reader the mood and feeling of your business so it is important to select colours that represent your company.

If you already have a company logo and identity package then your business has a colour scheme.  Most businesses use the same colour scheme for marketing both on and offline.  Using the same colour scheme as your website will help strengthen your brand and make it easier for clients to recognize your website.  If you prefer to go with another colour scheme then our designers will create a selection of colour combinations taking into consideration the meaning of colours and the message and mood you are trying to convey.

Here is a list of the some colour meanings:

Orange: Enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success
Blue: Confidence, wisdom, calm, peaceful, strong, loyalty, authoritative, cold
Pink: Romance, love, friendship, feminine, fun, passiveness.
Green: Harmony, freshness, natural, relaxing, peaceful, growth, greedy
Brown: Earthy, warm, stability, dirty
Yellow: Joy, happiness, friendly, excited, bright, intense
Red: Passionate, exciting, dangerous, aggressive, temper mental
White: Innocence, clean, pure, boring, cold, empty
Black: Power, stability, death, strength, evil, serious, depressing

If having a construction or trades website created you can see how some colours would represent your business better than others.

Besides working with a designer to create a colour scheme there are also online tools available generating schemes.

Having a good website colour scheme is an important element of making your website effective and will add to the visual appeal of your website design.  We will either create one for you or you can play around with the colour generator tools and provide one to us.