Mobile Website Development Coquitlam

As a business owner, having a mobile friendly website (responsive) is absolutely essential.  With more people than ever using smartphones and tables, the need for website visitors to access information quickly, easily and in a readable format is key.

Not only will a mobile website make an optimal viewing experience for your website visitors, it is also demanded by Google for your website to be found in searches.  Not having a responsive site could mean the end of your exposure to Google searches as the search engine giant penalizes websites that haven’t gone mobile yet.

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Now is a good time to start exploring the imminent changes a mobile friendly website can offer your business. Here are just some of the reasons why you should be doing so:

1. Mobile websites can dominate search engines.

As mentioned earlier, Google now demands websites to be mobile-friendly. In fact, they recently made an algorithm change to make sure that websites that are mobile friendly top search results.

Most website owners owe a huge part of their organic traffic to search engine giants like Google. If Google is not listing your website in its searches, you shouldn’t be surprised to find a decrease in traffic.

2. Mobile websites causes a spike in traffic.

Let’s face it. Most of us rely on our smartphones everyday these days. It’s a handy and quick way of checking our e-mail, browsing the net or logging in to our social media accounts. According to studies, a significant portion of a company’s sales and traffic is generated from mobile sources.

That is mostly because using a mobile is much more convenient. The process is also quicker – there’s no need to access a laptop or a computer to check out a website or do some online shopping.

That said, you’d have a better chance of reaching more people if you have a mobile friendly website.   A mobile friendly website make viewing your website easy, fast and convenient.

3. Mobile websites build trust and improve business reputation.

How would you impress your clients or potential customers when the moment they check your website on their phone, it looks cluttered? Having a mobile website that responds to different screen sizes improves user and customer experience.

Mobile websites are easier to navigate on a smaller screen. And because of that, customers have a better time checking out a website when it is mobile-friendly. That customer satisfaction can build trust and improve business-client relationship and can increase your chances of having loyal clientele.

4. Mobile websites increase sales.

If your business offers online shopping you have a better chance of converting your traffic to sales with a mobile-friendly website. If you notice, a lot of the huge e-commerce websites have mobile platforms which improve customer buying experiences. Customers can check out and pay for their goods easily and on the spot without having to wait to arrive home to do so.

If your website hasn’t gone mobile yet, it is worth considering it. Googles favouring towards mobile friendly websites will continue on and the your potential clients are already searching for your products and services on a mobile device.   

If you have questions about a mobile friendly website built by a Coquitlam website designer, feel free to talk to us!