New Website Designed for Langley Construction Company

Our client, a Langley based renovation, construction and custom home building company required a new website that was engaging, functional on all platforms and devices and could be used for prospective clients to request estimates for their services.  We designed a website for them that encompassed their needs and online goals, as well as used a CMS platform which allows for them to easy make updates and changes themselves.
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New Website Designed for Coquitlam Plumbing Company – Aim Plumbing

We designed a new website for Aim Plumbing. A Coquitlam based plumbing, heating, drainage and restoration company.

Their website is set up on an SEO friendly platform, with all pages having their own unique title and description.

Features of their website:
1. Slider with images on home page
2. Client Testimonials
3. Estimate Request Form
4. Image Gallery
5. Blog
6. Google Places and Google Analytics

Aim Plumbing

Is a website essential for your construction or trades business?

Long gone are the days of using the “yellow pages” phone book to search for businesses.  To find information about a product or service the internet is the go to place for most people.   Viewing websites and searching online allows clients to do comparison shopping, read reviews, ask questions and contribute in discussions all from the comfort of their home.

If a potential client types in “Framer Vancouver”, “General Contractor Vancouver”, “Construction Services Vancouver” will you be found?  If your business does not have a website that is ranked well on search engines like Google and Yahoo then you are turning down business.  After all, isn’t that how you search for a product or service?  Your potential clients are doing the same thing!

Your website is an extension of your business and it is essential that it reflects your business and services accurately!  Often the deal is closed even before you even have a chance to speak with your potential client so your website needs to be professional, easy to navigate and contain great content.  Clients will decides for themselves if they are going to consider hiring you based on your online presence.

  • Your customers expect your business to have a website.
  • It will keep you competitive – your competition is there, you should be too.
  • Your website will act as your 24/7 sales representative.
  • Builds your brand and gets you considered for future projects.

Colour schemes and your website

Determining your colour scheme is an important decision for your website design.

colorsThe colours of your website convey to the reader the mood and feeling of your business so it is important to select colours that represent your company.

If you already have a company logo and identity package then your business has a colour scheme.  Most businesses use the same colour scheme for marketing both on and offline.  Using the same colour scheme as your website will help strengthen your brand and make it easier for clients to recognize your website.  If you prefer to go with another colour scheme then our designers will create a selection of colour combinations taking into consideration the meaning of colours and the message and mood you are trying to convey.

Here is a list of the some colour meanings:

Orange: Enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success
Blue: Confidence, wisdom, calm, peaceful, strong, loyalty, authoritative, cold
Pink: Romance, love, friendship, feminine, fun, passiveness.
Green: Harmony, freshness, natural, relaxing, peaceful, growth, greedy
Brown: Earthy, warm, stability, dirty
Yellow: Joy, happiness, friendly, excited, bright, intense
Red: Passionate, exciting, dangerous, aggressive, temper mental
White: Innocence, clean, pure, boring, cold, empty
Black: Power, stability, death, strength, evil, serious, depressing

If having a construction or trades website created you can see how some colours would represent your business better than others.

Besides working with a designer to create a colour scheme there are also online tools available generating schemes.

Having a good website colour scheme is an important element of making your website effective and will add to the visual appeal of your website design.  We will either create one for you or you can play around with the colour generator tools and provide one to us.