What is a favicon?

The word favicon stands for “favorite icon”.

A favicon is a small 16x16px image that shows up on the URL address bar, browser tabs and bookmarked links.  A favicon makes it easy for us to quickly identify a book marked website.  If you browse through your bookmarked links, notice how much easier it is to find a website when it has a favicon.   Booked marked websites that do not have a favicon have a blank page icon.

faviconsFavicons also play a role in building a brand and creating brand recognition.  Most companies favicons are either the company’s logo or an image that has the same look and feel as their website design.

A favicon is a special file that ends in an .ICO extension, so if you have an image that you are wanting to use as a favicon then it needs to be converted to the proper format before it can be used.  There are many websites that you can use to convert your image into a favicon for free.  We also add favicons to each of our clients sites.

Favicons are not necessary for your website but they most definitely add to the overall quality of your site.