The Importance of Incorporating Social Media Into a Marketing Strategy

Social media has become more than just a platform for personal use to communicate with loved-ones and get in touch with long-lost friends and colleagues. These days, it has become a powerful tool in launching fledgling companies to being an effective way to reach clients, build relationships and a brand. Continue reading “The Importance of Incorporating Social Media Into a Marketing Strategy”

Delish Gluten Free Bakery Client Search Engine Results

The internet is one of the most popular places for people to search for products and services.

Being found online and displaying in search engine results (especially showing in the top 3 positions) by potential clients is an exceptional way to drive traffic to your website.

By having your website rank high with search engines this:

Increases organic traffic to your website
Positions your company / brand as a legitimate business
Gives your products and services more exposure
Provides more potential to convert online traffic to buyers

Being positioned in the top positions for organic searches is not something that happens overnight, and in fact there are many factors that attribute to how well your website ranks on search engines.

Along with careful assessment, analysis and planning are the key to good SEO and then of course patience!

Below are some example of client Delish Gluten Free Bakery‘s organic search results on Google.  Prior to optimizing her website and implementing an SEO plan,  this clients website was difficult to find through search engines unless the specific bakery name was searched.

Client Search Results

Client Search Results

If you have questions about how Search Engine Optimization services can help your business, feel free to contact us!

Updated Website for Delish Gluten Free Bakery

Port Coquitlam Bakery, Delish Gluten Free Bakery has a newly updated website.  They stayed with their original design, but you will find new features and information have been added to give their site visitors a better user experience:

1. Google maps has been added to our Contact Us page.
2. You can now contact us via our online form about Wholesale Inquiries.
3. We have included a list of Retailers that carry our line of Delish Gluten Free products.
4. Testimonials from our clients have been added to our website as well as a form for Testimonial submissions.

Testimonials for Delish Gluten Free

5. We have added a Gallery of all our different Delish Gluten Free products.
Breads & Baked Goods

Delish Gluten Free Image Gallery Port Coquitlam Bakery

6. A Blog has been added and will be used consistently to inform our clients about news, promotions, events and products.
7. Updated page titles and descriptions and ongoing SEO


Attract More Clients Using Social Media

If online marketing is not your area of expertise, then hiring Vancouver based Krista Lapp, an Online Reputation Manager and Social Media Strategist, might be the preferred way to go.

Leveraging social media properly can do so much for your business, including:

  • Helping build trust with your clients and engage customers. Building relationships and attracting new clients. Improving retention and helping your clients really get to know your company, product and service.
  • It also allows you to communicate directly to your clients and ask for their feedback and opinions. Such valuable information to know!!
  • Social media can be an extremely powerful tool and not only should importance be placed on using it, but it should be included in your budgeting and marketing plans.

jkl Creative helps businesses create a powerful online presence through the use of social media.
When we take on a social media client we truly represent the owner, their vision and beliefs.  We become part of our clients company.

When we see comments pointed to in the 3 images below from Delish Gluten Free’s facebook page, we know that our messages are generating the interaction and response that our client is looking for.
New orders and potential new wholesale account.

Read what our clients are saying about us, and if you have questions on how to leverage social media to generate new clients and orders, send us a message!

Delish Gluten Free Social MediaDelish Gluten Free Social Media

Delish Gluten Free Social Media