Effective Website Navigation

Navigation is key for your website design.

Navigation is the way to explore and move around a website.  The website’s navigation system is like a road map that helps site visitors to access different pages and information contained within the website.  Keeping your navigation simple and obvious is a must to keep your clients and site visitors happy.

To create an effective website navigation, you should keep in mind the main purpose of the website and who your website is targeting.  Once you know this you can begin piecing together a navigation scheme that makes sense to your average site visitor.

The navigational makeup of a website includes menus, links, icons & buttons that are linked as well as search functions.

Tips for Good Website Navigation

  • Navigation throughout website needs to be consistent.
  • Navigation needs to be clear, structured and intuitive.
  • Main location of the navigation system is usually on the top and side of the page.
  • Include menus like “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Site Map”.
  • Menus need to describe the page they are linked to. Example: If your page you are describing your services, the menu could be named: “Services”.
  • The navigational makeup of a website includes menus, hypertext links, icons, buttons and search facilities
  • Have links “open in a new window” if they link to another website.
  • Don’t underline text that is not a link, use bold, colour or italics if you need to emphasize text.
  • Use text and not images for navigation as this will help with SEO.

There are many ways to present your navigation but regardless of the style, it needs to be intuitive enough so site visitors can  find their way through your website easily.  Good website navigation can increase the viewing of your web pages. This will in turn lead to longer site visits, increased signups, and ultimately more sales and customers.   Click to learn about how we work with our clients to create a website design. To view some great examples of clean and minimalist navigation click here.