The Importance of Incorporating Social Media Into a Marketing Strategy

Social media has become more than just a platform for personal use to communicate with loved-ones and get in touch with long-lost friends and colleagues. These days, it has become a powerful tool in launching fledgling companies to being an effective way to reach clients, build relationships and a brand.

If you are unfamiliar with social media, think of companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Social media pertains to the various platforms that allow you to connect online with people all over the world. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three of the most powerful social media platforms these days with connectivity spanning billions of people all over the globe.

This leads us to an important question – “How does social media benefit businesses?”

Social media is less costly than other forms of traditional advertising and marketing such as radio, print or TV. In fact, organic social media marketing is cost-free. This only relies on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or through social media word of mouth. Some businesses pay for advertising slots on social media platforms but the price isn’t as steep as the aforementioned marketing strategies.

With social media platforms easily accessible through downloadable applications, one can easily log on to their social media account through handheld devices no matter where they are. This gives businesses more opportunity to market their products and services.

Social media is an effective way of creating a good and lasting relationship with clients. Authentic dialogue and conversations with customers online are essential to have if you would like your business to stand out as truly caring for customers.  By using social media and specific channels that are best for reaching your audience, you will be having conversations with customers, increasing traffic to your website, and ultimately create leads.  Having a social presence also keeps you on the inside with your customers and is one of the best ways to gain loyalty and trust.  By using social media to interact with clients, answer queries and promote your products and services, you have a higher chance of gaining more loyal clientele.

Studies show that clients are more likely to trust a business or a company if the said company has a social media account they can follow not only for updates but also for customer inquiries and concerns.

Social media can be learned or a professional can be hired to manage your social media accounts.  Including the use of social media as part of your marketing strategy has become essential to the survival and success of any business.  Social media is here to stay. Krista Lapp jkl Creative

Setting up your own social media accounts is fairly simple to do and if have questions or concerns about what social media accounts to use and how to execute a strategy, be sure to ask a social expert your questions.

Krista Lapp owns jkl Creative, Burke Mountain based website development, social media marketing and SEO company.  She has been in the website industry for over 8 years and loves creating valuable relationships and happy clients.  If you would like information about SEO or other website services please contact Krista.